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Project 52 Week 3 & 4 Featured Artist

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Project 52: Week 3 & 4

Project 52, week 3 & 4, featured artist

Welcome to the latest blog post, where twice a month we shine the spotlight on the talented photographers embarking on the fun and creative journey known as Project 52: Little Stories.

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe January is over already but that means we are starting week 5 of our 52 week project!! I have loved watching our communities stories unfold and their talent shine each week. It is such an honor to be able to share their work with you here on the blog.

January tends to be an hard month for photographers. We kick off the new year with an high, excited for new projects and opportunity. As the month comes to a close, many of us tend to struggle to find creative inspiration because we’ll let’s be honest, the weather can be a little bit gloomy and for photographers that means crummy light.

Despite the weather, illnesses, and sometimes a lack of creative inspiration this community continues to amaze me!

Ready to dive into their images?

Featured Artist

This week’s featured artist is Sigurbjörg Anna Guonadóttir with her P52 titled “My Rambles: Snapshots from my walks.”

In week 3 Sigurbjörg Anna Guonadóttir captured a stunning image of an abandoned townhouse window that perfectly framed the scene outside.

Framing is such an impactful technique when used appropriately and the use of it within her image was beautifully done. I’m honored to share her image with you as our featured photographer.

Project 52 Collective Gallery

This week our collective gallery is full of stunning images. This gallery showcases the immense talent within our P52 community. Each image tells a unique story, a moments frozen in time, inviting you to immerse yourself in the diverse perspectives captured through their lenses. Enjoy!

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