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Project 52: Week 5 & 6 Featured Artist

Welcome to the latest blog post, where twice a month we shine the spotlight on the talented photographers embarking on the fun and creative journey known as Project 52: Little Stories.

Project 52 featured artist

Project 52: Little Stories

I continue to be blown away by the beautiful work created within our Project52 collective group.

This year when I designed the P52 I veered away from a traditional P52 with weekly themes because I wanted to allow our group members to have more creative freedom with their weekly images.

My hope was that each participant would settle on a theme that they enjoyed, wanted to learn more about, or that held personal meaning to them to foster motivation throughout this year-long project. I wanted this project to be something they looked forward to and enjoyed rather than a box to check off their list.

I’m delighted to say that this group has consistently shown up and impressed me with their chosen themes, artistic talents, and beautiful imagery.

Now that I’ve raved enough about the talent, let’s dive into it, shall we?

Featured Artist

This week’s featured artist is Robbie Ligon and her project titled, “Celebrating our little and big moments.”

Robbie has shown up each week enthusiastically and “celebrated” all of life’s moments. This week she shared her celebrations of being back into a routine and making Valentine’s Day cards.

Her dedication to celebrating every aspect of life, big or small, has captured my attention, and I’m honored to feature her work because I admire her idea of cherishing all of these moments.

Project 52 Collective Gallery

This week our collective gallery is full of stunning images. This gallery showcases the immense talent within our P52 community. Each image tells a unique story, a moments frozen in time, inviting you to immerse yourself in the diverse perspectives captured through their lenses. Enjoy!


If you’d like to join Project 52 Little Stories you can find our Facebook community here.

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