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Weekly Favorites, Week 2 (2024)

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Explore my weekly favorites which dive into the charm of Valentine’s Day decor and elevate your space with houseplant essentials. These weekly favorites bring warmth, greenery, and love to any living space.

Weekly favorites

My Weekly Favorites (Week 2/52)

My favorites this week can be split into two categories: Valentine’s Day and houseplant care. I’ve been busy trying to add simple, budget-friendly pieces of Valentine’s Day decor around the house and found some really cute stuff.

This week I also had a slight catastrophe with my large monstera (more on that below) but with some trouble shoot, I was able to solve it!

Weekly Favorites Week 2

My Weekly Favorites

  1. Heart Garland
  2. Heart Sweater
  3. Heart Silicone Cake Pan
  4. Valentine’s Day Spatula
  5. Houseplant Fungicide & Insecticide
  6. Moss Pole for Indoor Plants
  7. Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil
  8. Houseplant Ties

Heart Garland

I added this cute felt heart garland to just below my cabinets and around my coffee station. I used command hooks to keep it up without damaging the walls. It adds the perfect touch of pink and red to my kitchen along with the bow I made from hand towels.

Heart Sweater

Weekly favorites

This heart sweater is too cute. I usually wear a size medium and that’s what I ordered. It does run a little big. If you like the oversized fit, stay with your normal size, if not, I suggest sizing down.

Heart Silicone Cake Pan

I have a few Valentine’s Day desserts planned over the next few weeks. I was so excited to grab these heart shaped silicone cake pans. These cake pans come in a set of two which is perfect since I always have to double batch basically everything with our big family.

Valentine’s Day Spatula

I love that spatulas can add such a pop of color to any kitchen and couldn’t pass these ones up for my kitchen. They give me all the happy, love vibes.

Insecticide & Fungicide

I’ve been having problems with my plants lately and decided I’d just treat them all. I picked up Arber Organic Fungicide and Insecticide from Target this week and sprayed everything down.

Moss Pole

If you follow me on instagram, you know my 6 ft Monstera fell off its moss pole. The moss pole was only about 4 ft and the plant itself was much taller. I spent the last two weeks trying to come up with solutions to stake it again. I ended up buying two of these moss poles, each reach up to 6 ft. I connected them to extend the full height of my plant and I repotted my Monstera, burying part of the moss pole into the new soil to ensure it doesn’t topple over anytime soon.

Potting Soil

There are so many potting soils to choose from but I swear by FoxFarm potting soil for my houseplants. I’ve been using it for a couple years. It’s loaded with all those good nutrients and the light and airy texture ensures proper aeration for the roots.

Houseplant Ties

If you’ve never used houseplant ties before, they’re my FAVORITE. I always used to worry about using string to help stake my plants. I was worried it’d be too tight and cut into the plant. These ties are similar to Velcro but they’re soft and do not damage the plant. They’re fantastic and strong enough to support my 6ft Monstera.

Favorite From the Kitchen

This week’s favorite from the kitchen is a quick and easy recipe. My kids love ramen noodles but I tend to get bored with them. I was looking for a way to spice up ramen for myself and my husband and this TikTok Ramen recipe was delicious.

This was the second time I made this recipe and it was even better the second time with adding tweaks to make it my own.

If you are making this recipe yourself, please note the original recipe makes 1 serving. If you plan to use it for a family dinner you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

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