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7 Simple & Cozy Fall Table Decor Ideas: Get Inspired

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There’s something truly magical about fall and the changing of the season. The leaves outside are falling, and temperatures dropping but our homes are warm and cozy. One of the easiest ways to bring the essence of autumn into our homes is through home decor. One of my favorite and honestly, maybe the simplest, is table decor!

Decorating our home seasonally always brings me so much joy. One area I give special attention to is our dinning room table decor. It’s where our family gathers every night for a warm home-cooked meal. Creating a cozy space for this special family time is essential, at least in my mind.

At times, my table settings are elaborate with garland, candles, and seasonal accents, while other times I opt for simplicity, such as, a thoughtfully arranged seasonal bouquet of flowers on a rustic cutting board.

This fall I’ve already changed our table decor three times. It began with a simple bowl of gourds, then evolved into a charming pumpkin stack. It is now a wooden serving tray that holds a beautiful bouquet of fall florals, alongside that same charming pumpkin stack.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’ll gradually transition our table decorations to suit our special dinner together.

Fall Floral Table Decor

My Love Affair with Table Decor

The first time I remember really falling in love with table decor was Fall 2020. I think this year will always stick in everyone’s head but this was the year I really leaned into decorating for the season.

My First Fall Table Decor

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the first clue about what I was doing. I had picked up a bag of gourds & mini pumpkins at Target and wanted to use them. I was not winning any awards this year for decorating. You can see by picture below, it was minimal decor but I stuck with themes I knew to be true

  1. Textures (table runner)
  2. Seasonal items (gords)
  3. Natural elements (greenery)

How my Table Decor has Transformed

It’s safe to say I’ve learned a thing or two since then.

I’ve experimented and learned what I love and don’t love.

I’ve taken notes from some of those I look up to in seasonal decor.

And lastly, I gather a ton of inspiration of Pinterest and ultimately my tablescapes become a bit of everything I love, tossed together into one masterpiece.

The bottom tablescape was taken in Dec 2021. As much as I loved this table decor at the time, which I had called “Winter Wonderland,’ there are a few things I learned while styling this table that I’d do differently now.

Table Decor This Year

As you can tell I love crafting tablescapes in our homes for the season. I haven’t had the chance to do any grand tablescapes this past year because we were in the midst of a military move and most of my decor I had kept packed away. I wanted to keep my items safe for our next move since we we’re only supposed to be here a year.

However, it’s been a year, we’re here for a second year, and although we will for sure be moving this upcoming spring/summer, I’m back to embracing my cozy holiday decor. I decided life is too short to keep all those cozy pieces tucked away and I’ve slowly been pulling them out.

This year I’m planning for my fall table decor to be more simple but cozy. I have four little ones running around (one being a toddler that loves to take off with all my decor) so I’ll be saving a big grand tabelscape for when we move and (hopefully) have a formal dining room again.

Sharing Fall Table Decor Inspiration

As I’ve started gathering inspiration for our Thanksgiving decor this year, I thought I’d share some of my favorite inspiration pieces with you to help inspire your own table decor.

My hope is that you’ll find something that sparks joy in you and helps you create a Thanksgiving setting that is full of warmth and joy this season.

Fall Table Decor Ideas from others

Gorgeous Fall Table Decor

There’s something so beautiful about using dried oranges with any tablescape. I love how Chrissy used dried orange in her set up and her dough bowl centerpiece.

Simple and Affordable Thanksgiving Tablescape with Video Tutorial

I love this Thanksgiving Tablescape because not only is it an affordable option but it simple and beautiful! You can check out this blog post where Erica breaks down her tablescape and even includes a video.

Feminine Farmhouse Fall Tablescape

I love any farmhouse decor, especially if it has pumpkins. This Thanksgiving Tablescape by Yami is simple and elegant.

Setting a Simple Thanksgiving Table

A Thanksgiving Tablescape can be beautiful with just a few pieces and Jamie shows us how in this post. She talks about how adding texture, such as a runner, can add interest to your tablescape and more!

Simple Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea

Nicholle shows us how to make a simple Thanksgiving Place setting in this article. I love how this can be done without items we probably already have at home!

How to Make A Simple Pumpkin Floral Arrangement For Thanksgiving

If you’re looking for a floral centerpiece for your table this Thankgiving, Jen provides step-by-step instructions. A pumpkin floral arrangement is sure to be a show stopper at any dinner.

6 Easy Tips for Creating a Rustic Thanksgiving Table

Michelle and Steph give us their top tips for creating a tablescape. Their post covers everything from what plates you should use to incorporating natural elements into your tablescape.

Tips for Setting the Scene:

Remember that creating a cozy scene with table decor is all about inviting guests to relax, enjoy, and connect. Keep it welcoming, uncluttered, and warm to foster an atmosphere that everyone will appreciate and remember.

Some of my Favorite Fall Table Decor Finds:

You can view all my favorite inspiration items for Fall Table Decor list here on my Amazon Storefront! I’ve shared a few below just to get you started.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration with your family. Thank you for all your support and reading my blog, I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks, I’ll be switching gears and starting with Christmas decor and recipes soon!

For more inspiration on nurturing homes & hearts, join me on Instagram and Pinterest.

If you have an idea for a holiday craft or recipe you’d love to see on the blog, let me know here and I’d be happy to try it!

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