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20+ Easter Dessert Recipes

Easter Dessert Recipes

Whether you’re hosting an Easter dinner or simply enjoying it with your immediate family or even solo, this curated list of Easter dessert recipes is bound to have something that everyone will enjoy. From traditional favorites to creative twists on classic recipes, these treats will add a festive touch to your Easter dinner.

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1. Chocolate Easter Bundt Cake

Image: Xoxo Bella

This Chocolate Easter Bundt Cake is flavorful, a chocolate cake with vanilla and coffee flavors. When decorated with chocolate Easter bunnies, this Easter chocolate cake is just irresistible and will be a show stopper at your dinner.

2. Mini Easter Egg Fruit Pizza Cookies

Image: Healthy Kids Recipes

These fun & colorful Easter Egg Fruit Pizza Cookies are the perfect dessert. The cookies are covered with a delicious cream cheese frosting and then fruit is arranged onp top to make them look like Easter eggs.

3. Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Image: Chew Out Loud

This carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is an Easter dessert favorite. The moist, flavorful cake and creamy, tangy frosting that makes it a standout at any table.

4. Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls

These Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls are an adorable and delicious treat that both kids and adults can enjoy. They’re made with store-bought cinnamon rolls, which means this recipe is quick, easy, and perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your Easter brunch or breakfast table.

5. Easter Mini Vanilla Bundt Cakes with Chocolate Eggs

Image: Xoxo Bella

These Mini Vanilla Bundt Cakes are such a cute Easter treat. These mini cakes are not only fun to decorate but are a showstopper with their bakery style look.

6. No-Bake Mini Egg Cheesecakes in a Jar

Image: Knead Some Sweets

Looking for a super simple yet festive and delicious dessert for Easter dinner?  These cute individual mini egg cheesecakes are just the one. They’re fun and easy to make.

7. Bunny Cupcakes

Image: Baked Collective

Bring the wow factor with these adorable Bunny Cupcakes. You don’t even have to do the baking, buy premade vanilla cupcakes and learn how to transform them into bunnies.

8. Chocolate Easter Eggs Stuffed with Frosted Brownies

Image: Ottawa Mommy Club

Inspired by traditional deviled eggs, these chocolate easter eggs stuffed with frosted brownies are a fun Easter twist.

9. Easter Brownies

Image: The Forked Spoon

These Easter brownies are the perfect festive treats to elevate any Easter celebration or springtime party. Chocolate brownies are covered with swirled dark chocolate bark and dotted with adorable candy eggs, they’re pretty, fun to make, and incredibly delicious!

10. Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Next

Image: Heirloom Pantry

Chocolate coconut macaroon nest are a spring twist on a classic coconut treat, featuring a chewy coconut cookie dipped in chocolate and topped with

11. Easter Trifle Dessert

The Cookin Chicks

This Easter Trifle Dessert isn’t only colorful it’s bursting with flavor too. This dessert is made with only 5 ingredients and topped with Easter candies.

12. Peeps Rice Krispies Treat

Peeps Rice Krispies
Peeps Rice Krispies Treat

Indulge in a childhood favorite with a delicious twist on the traditional rice krispies treat with an Easter inspired Peeps Rice Krispies Treats!

13. Koulourakia: Traditional Greek Easter Cookies

Image: Pastry Wishes

How cute are these Koulourakia’s? This traditional Greek Easter Cookie is buttery, crunchy, and has hints of vanilla, orange juice and zest.

14. Birds Nest Cookies (Chow Mein)

Image: Dinner at the Zoo

These no bake birds nest cookies are made with chocolate, butterscotch and chow mein noodles, then finished off with candy eggs. The perfect easy Easter dessert!

15. Mini Egg Cookies

Image: Fit & Full

These Mini Egg Cookies have crunchy edges but a deliciously soft and chewy center that is packed with mini eggs.

16. Mini Egg Bownies

Image: Chenee Today

These mini egg brownies are one of the easiest mini egg recipes for Easter! Chewy, fudgy chocolate brownies with Cadbury mini eggs to make the best mini egg brownie recipe!

17. Dark Chocolate Tart

Image: Our Happy Mess

This chocolate tart recipe has a buttery chocolate crust and a dark and dreamy, silky chocolate filling. It’s a festive and decadent dessert that is surprisingly easy to make and decorate!

18. Easter Jello Pie Jars

Image: Conservamome

These Easter Jello Pie Jars are full of fun Easter colors, and super tasty. Layered with beautiful pastel colors and flavors, don’t worry about having to share this treat because each person can have their own dessert jar.

19. Easter Poke Cake

Image: All Things Mamma

This Easter Poke Cake is an easy dessert that is layered with color. The cake is surprisingly easy to make!

20. Easter Bunny Butt Sugar Cookies

Image: Ottawa Mommy Club

If you’re looking for something that will really make your kids smile this Easter, you can’t go wrong with these Bunny Butt Sugar Cookies.

21. Puff Pastry Easter Bunnies

Image: Drugstore Divas

These adorable Puff Pastry Easter Bunnies are not only cute but they’re easy to make! Made with store bought puff pastry, nutella, and cream cheese, these bunnies are sure to be tasty and festive.

22. Birds Nest Cookies (Rice Krispies)

Image: The Cookin Chicks

These Bird Nest Cookies are an easy, no-bake dessert that everyone will love. With only 4 ingredients, these chocolate treats topped with chocolate eggs are the perfect sweet treat.

23. Peeps Cookies

Image: Waiting for Blancmange

These Peeps Cookies are giant chewy sugar cookies that are stuffed with Peeps marshmallows and topped with sprinkles. They’re colorful and sweet, perfect for Easter.


I hope you found an Easter dessert to enjoy with your family. 

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