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The Best At Home Date Night Ideas

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Looking to spark some romance with your significant other at home? Below you’ll find all my top suggestions for the perfect date night at home.

At home date night ideas

When we usually think of date night, we picture a night out while the kids are at home with a trusted family member, nanny, or babysitter. What do we do though when that’s not an option? As a military family, more times than not we find ourselves in an area where we haven’t established relationships within the community that we fully trust to watch our children. In addition, family is no where near close enough to come and help while we go out for a date night.

This is a common problem that isn’t just exclusive to military families. Families relocate away from their community for a variety of reasons such as, job offers, a better lifestyle, culture, etc.. However, just because you don’t have a sitter doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a good date night with your spouse. I’m sharing my top date night ideas AT HOME for you to try out yourself.

Date Nights as a Parent

Once kids come along our picture perfect idea of what dates nights are supposed to look like can fly out the window. I mean when we’re constantly taking care of a newborn (toddler, or school aged child) who really has time for a date night especially after long day? This is the exact scenario my husband and I ran into. While I stay home with the kids, my husband works long (and often unpredictable) hours at the hospital, by the time he gets home a date night is the last thing we want to try and plan. It doesn’t mean it’s not important to us, because it is, but sometimes a simple date night can seem like such a daunting task when considering…

  • Who will watch the kids? Do we trust them? Is this even an option?
  • Where would we go?
  • What time are we talking (because let’s be honest, no one wants to be out past 10p, I’d rather be in bed sleeping)?
  • How much is this going to cost (babysitter, gas, food, activity)?

Sometimes the simpler the plan, the better, and this is where date nights at home start to look like a great option!

We recently PCS (for those of you that are non-military, this means the military moved us to a new location) and we haven’t build up a community here, nor do we have family close enough to come over for a couple hours to watch the kids. This means I have had to start getting creative with what a “date night” looks like for us. I truly believe it is so important to date you spouse even after you are married.

Why Dating Your Spouse is Important

It sounds silly when we say this out loud, “why would I date my spouse when we’re already married?” but honestly, it makes so much sense. Dating your spouse (without kids around) helps you refocus on your connection and rekindle that spark that has always been there (but maybe just ever so slightly overshadowed by the beautiful bundles of joy that you’ve brought home from the hospital).

Your spouse should always be your priority. You should make an effort to take the time to enjoy yourselves as a couple. Raising children can be hard, it can be emotional, and it can take a toll on anyones relationship.

So how do you survive the hard days as a couple? Honestly, you make it a priority to date your spouse. If we neglect our relationship, just like anything else in life, there can be some consequences that we don’t want. I mean if I neglect my plants and don’t water them, they die. So, trust me, DATE YOUR SPOUSE, make each other a priority.

I can say from my own experience, there have been times where we have both been in a place where we’re a little more raw with each other than we should be because we’re “comfortable” and forget that the other one has real emotions and needs. So how do we show up for them? DATING!!!! Of course, there are other ways but dating helps us reconnect and refocus. So let’s get to it, how do we date our spouse when we have no one around to watch the kids? Below are my favorite date night at home ideas for you to try.

At Home Date Night Ideas

  1. Make Dinner Together. I think this will always be at the top of my list. You can pick your favorite meal or something you’ve never made before. I love getting on Pinterest and finding a new recipe that looks amazing. Cooking together requires communication and sharing a small space which is great for couples.
  2. Play a board game. Okay, don’t write this one off, it may sound boring but it can be SO much fun. Plus, a study from Baylor University found that couples who play recreational activities together, such as board games, release more oxytocin (the so-called love hormone 🥰). You can find some of the top rated board games here. I’ve created a handy list for you to refer to any time you’re looking for a fun date night, just jump on this list and have it shipped right to your door (or pick it up at your local store).
  3. Massages. This also ranks pretty high on my list of “favorite at home date night ideas” mainly because who doesn’t love a massage and you’re incorporating physical touch, which is my husbands love language (if you don’t already know your spouses love language I encourage you to figure it out, I’ll write a blog on that later for us!) We incorporate some spa music, candles for low light to set the mood and the smell, plus hot towels to make it extra special.
  4. Do a puzzle. If you know me, I LOVE puzzles. Again, puzzles require a lot of attention and time but you can have some great conversations and get to know each other all over again while working on one.
  5. At home beer/wine tasting. Head to your local liquor store and grab some new flavors to try. There are companies that make mini bottles so you’re not spending too much on something you don’t like. Also, if you think this may be one you do often there’s a rustic beer flight and wine flight that I love you. If you’re not into drinking you could always make this tasty Non-Alcoholic Sangria.
  6. Get Cultured. We live in an area now that has such a diverse food scene. We love picking new restaurants to try dishes we’ve never had before. You can make it ever more interesting by ordering a meal for the other. If you do this then instead of picking something you’d normally try, you both get a surprise. If you’d really like to make it a surprise try the “Date Night Dice” and roll to choose your dinner!
  7. Binge Watch a New Series Together. This one can take a bit of time but there’s nothing quite like picking out a new show and just cuddling together with your favorite drinks and snacks.
  8. Pick a Movie. If you don’t want to commit to a new series, pick a new movie to snuggle up and watch. If you want to make it like to movies, you can check out the ultimate movie theater snack set which includes all the iconic snacks.
  9. Plan Your Next Getaway. I love daydreaming and it’s even better if the daydreaming becomes a reality. Spend the evening planning your next getaway together. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant getaway it can be a simple day trip but plan something you both get to look forward to.
  10. A Night Unplugged. Put those phones away, turn off the television and spend the night unplugged. If you’re staying inside, light some candles to set the mood, grab your favorite food and drink and enjoy each others company. If you’re opting for something outside, maybe a fire pit or blanket to keep you warm if its cold out, enjoy the stars and lack of electronics.
  11. Memory Lane. If you have a photo album pull it out, if not, pull up your computer or phone to access those old pictures and spend the night reminiscing.
  12. Build a Fort. I build forts all the time for the kids. This time, get your inner child excited and build that fort for yourself! Once it’s built spend the evening inside maybe with a lantern or string of lights and watch a movie or play a game.
  13. Memory Box. Take time tonight to make a memory capsule. Pick a predetermined date (1 year, 5 years, 10 years) and write a letter to your future selves. You can make it extra fun by including photographs or something special during this particular time in your lives. When the time finally comes, you’ll open the letter and re-read it.
  14. Bucket List. Spend the evening creating a bucket list together of all the things you want to do and places you want to go see.
  15. Love Letters. Spend the evening writing a love letter to one another make sure they’re thoughtful, detailed, and personal . Once you’ve finished writing your letters you can either read your letter out loud to each other or swap and make them read it out loud. Will there be tears, laughing, or both? Regardless, I bet you both feel extra special and loved.

Date Night Ideas Submitted by Our Community Members

  1. Youtube Couples Dancing. Go ahead and head on over to YouTube find a new dance lesson and have fun at home. – Kaeli
  2. Dinner & Jazz. Enjoy a late night dinner in front of your fireplace (or candles) with soft jazz music playing for dancing. -Monica
  3. Cards. Pick your favorite cards game and enjoy conversation and competition. -Angie
  4. Date Night Box. You can find a variety of these boxes to enjoy a fun challenge. Our community member suggested “Hunt a Killer” murder mystery boxes. -Nicole

Date Night Q&A

If you’re like me and want to try a Date Night Q&A but don’t know where to start. I’ve included a Q&A template below for you!

Date Night Q&A
Date Night Q&A

So what do you think? Are you ready to test out any of these ideas, if so let me know which one below! If you have one I missed, let me know and I’ll be sure to add it next time.

I’ve curate some of my favorite date night ideas on this Amazon List for you.

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