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The Best DIY Floating Witch Hat and Candle Tutorial (2023)

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Are you ready to turn any ordinary space into a spooky Halloween haunt? Join me in this tutorial as I reveal the secret to crafting your very own DIY floating witch hat and candle decor. From materials to safety tips, I’ve got you covered. Let’s light up your home with magic!

Floating hats and candles hallway inspiration.

DIY Floating Witches Hats & Candles

I absolutely adore holiday decorating, especially when it involves creating magical memories for my kids. Last year I saw several instagram post about these floating witch hats and candles and I knew I had to recreate the magic right at home for the kids. However, we were still up in the air as to if we would be moving in a few months. I told myself it wasn’t the year to try new decorating projects at home, especially if that meant extra things we’d have to move soon. I tucked the idea away but it’s one that never left my mind.

This year as summer turned into fall and I began to pull out my holiday decor, I knew this was the year to recreate the magic in our house. Ideally, I wanted to do this on a front porch but our front porch isn’t covered and I had nowhere to hang them. This led me to think outside the box, where could I hang these magical hats and candles for our family to enjoy…. THE HALLWAY!

Our hallway, a place we use every day, often feels a bit dim. I was determined to transform it into a realm of magic. However, there was one tiny problem—while I’d seen captivating images of those whimsical floating hats and candles, I was left in the dark when it came to a step-by-step tutorial.

How did they get the hats and candles to seemingly float as if it were magic?

Almost every post I stumbled upon simply directed me to buy pre-made items, which is convenient but not exactly the hands-on guidance I was looking for.

In this blog tutorial, I’m excited to share a step-by-step breakdown of how to craft your very own DIY Halloween Floating Witch Hat and Candle Decor. Here’s a breakdown of what it’ll look like:

  1. Materials and Tools: A detailed list of everything you’ll need to recreate this enchanting decor in your own home.
  2. Setting the Stage: Tips on selecting the perfect location within your space to create that magical effect.
  3. Crafting the Floating Witch Hats: A complete walkthrough on how to construct the captivating floating witch hats from scratch.
  4. Securing Floating Witch Hats and Candles: Essential safety guidelines to ensure your decor is both magical and secure.
  5. Personalization: Ideas for adding your unique touch and making this decoration truly your own.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have all the know-how you need to turn your hallway or any space into a captivating, magical experience that your family and guests will love. Let’s dive in and bring this enchanting decor to life.

Materials and Tools

Before you can dive into this magical project on your own, you’ll need to start by rounding up the materials to bring it to life. You can find everything you’ll need linked here on my Amazon storefront for your convenience.

  1. Floating Hats: You can probably find these at your local big box stores but if you’re looking to save time and have them shipped to your house you can order them.
  2. Floating Candles: I’ve seen these in a few stores randomly throughout the years but it’s hit or miss.
  3. Command Hooks: This is my preferred way to hang the hats and candles because it’s easy to apply and take down. Alternatively you could use push pins but keep in mind these will leave holes in your ceiling.
  4. Batteries: If you dont’ already have a stocked supply, make sure you pick up enough batteries for you candles. The candles I have linked and used require 2 AA batteries per candle (24 total).
  5. Fishing Line: The candles and hats I’ve linked already include fishing line, but if you’re buying those on your own locally you’ll need to pick up some fishing line to create the visual of “floating.”
  6. Sewing needle: You’ll need a sewing needle to attach your fishing line to your hats.

Setting the Stage: Floating Hats & Candles

Now that you have all your supplies ready to go, it’s time to decide where are you creating this magical experience? Originally I had wanted to do mine on a front porch but our rental house doesn’t have a covered from porch which means I had nowhere to hang them. You can create a magical experience in any space though, you’re not limited to a front porch. Here are a few ideas: the hallway, the kitchen, a staircase, over a bathtub, truly the possibilities are endless. Your floating hats and candles are sure to bring any space to life for the season.

Crafting the Floating Witch Hats and Candles

Now that you’ve decided on a location, you’re going to craft the magical experience. The witch hats and candles ( if you ordered from my links above) require a bit of work. I assumed if you didn’t order them from above, you still have some work to do as well.

Preparing Floating Witches Hats

  1. Materials: You’re going to need your sewing needle, the fishing line, and your witches hats.
  2. Length of Fishing Line: Depending on your ceiling height and how low you want to hang your hats, you’re going to want at least 24 inches of fishing line, maybe more. I always opt for a longer piece that I can trim that a piece thats too small. **You can measure your your ceiling and hats to determine your exact length before your start.
  3. Cut Fishing Line: Once you’ve measured how long you want each piece, cut 12 pieces (or the number of hats you have) it to the appropriate length.
  4. Feed the Needle: Feed your fishing line through the point of the needle to prepare it to sew into your hat.
  5. Sew: Now you’re going to sew the fishing line into the hat. You’ll be sewing one pass of the fishing line through the top of the witches hat. I then knotted off the fishing line. Remember, this doesn’t have to be pretty, no one is going to see the tops of your hats.

Preparing Floating Candles

  1. Materials: You’re going to need the fishing ling and your floating candles.
  2. Length of Fishing Line: Again, you’ll want to measure how much fishing line you need for your ceiling height.
  3. Cut Fishing Line: Cut 12 pieces (or the number of candles you have) to the appropriate length.
  4. Attach Fishing Line: The easiest way to do this is to just simply attach the fishing line at the base, where the flame meets the candle. This spot provides a great knotch where your fishing line won’t slip off your candle. You’ll just simply make a couple ties of your string here to make sure it’s secure.

Securing Witch Hats and Candles

Your items are prepared and you’re ready to hang them. Once you’ve decided on the location, I suggest your lay them out in the order you want them on the floor before actually hanging them. This will give you a visual idea. Do you like how they’re spaced, do you need to shuffle them around?

Next we’re going to secure those hats and candles to the ceiling. I recommend using command strips because they’re secure enough to hold without hurting your house. However, you can also use pushpins, just know these will leave a permanent hole in your ceiling. I started to free hang them and quickly realized I needed to make sure I had enough space between them.

*Our hallway was narrow but long, I decided I liked the hats to the outside and liked the candles in the center of the hallway.

You’ll secure your command strip to the ceiling where you’d like your decor and then tie your fishing line to the command hook. You’ll cut off an excess string with scissors once you have them up.

Personalization of your Witch Hats

If you want to take your witch hats to the next level, you can personalize them in a variety of ways.

  1. Adding tealights to the hats to make them illuminate.
  2. Adding decorative ribbons to the base of the hat for a whimsical touch.
  3. Adding embellishments, such as: faux flowers, feathers, or spiders.
  4. Adding tulle.
  5. Adding glow in the dark paint.

There are several ways you can personalize your witch hats should you wish or you can choose to keep them as they are, like I did.

How do you decorate for Halloween? Share your personal projects in the comments below!

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