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Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Decor (2024)

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Budget friendly Valentine’s Day decor

Fall in love with your home decor this Valentine’s Day without overspending by discovering the enchanting Valentine’s Day decor pieces from Target’s 2024 collection.

These budget-friendly pieces are designed to add a touch of charm, elevating your space and embracing the season of love in an affordable and stylish way.

Target’s 2024 Valentine’s Day Decor

One of my favorite weekly routine’s is heading to Target on Monday’s to grab the essentials we need for the upcoming week. This means, every week I get to enjoy all the fresh home decor hitting the shelves before most people see them since I’m in the store early before the afternoon rush.

Valentine’s Day decor has slowly been making its appearance in the isles of Target. I saw a few hints of it last week as the moved out the Christmas decor. I was beginning to think they may not have a huge Valentine’s Day decor section but much to my surprise, this week the shelves were full of bright pops of pink and red and the big trend this year seems to be disco balls and bows!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces for you to explore and indulge in. All pieces listed are budget-friendly and UNDER $25.

First up, I’m sharing my personal best seller on my LTK.

This table runner has been a hit this week & it’s the perfect piece to add to your table for a little hint of love this season.

My personal favorites are the felt garland and the hand towels that I crafted into a bow.

budget-friendly Valentine's Day decor
Have you tried this hand towel bow trend yet?

Shop the Valentine’s Day Collection

Now, let’s get to my curated collection of budget-friendly decor from the of Target 2024 Valentine’s Day line.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

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