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6 Christmas Gifts Your Kids Will Love: Signed, a Mom of 4

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Finding that perfect Christmas gift for our kids can be quite the challenge. Perhaps your little ones have already penned heartfelt letters to Santa, and as you read through them, you can’t help but wonder if the toys they’re dreaming of will bring only fleeting joy for a day or two before being pushed back to the realm of forgotten playthings. The struggle is real, isn’t it?

In this blog post I’ll be unwrapping 6 Christmas gifts the kids have loved year after year.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing brings more joy to our homes than the twinkling lights, the scent of fresh pine, and the laughter of excited little ones eagerly awaiting the magic of Christmas morning.

As a mom of four, I know the challenge of finding the perfect gifts that will not only bring smiles to their faces but also stand the test of time amid the ever-changing trends. So, as the holiday season approaches, I’m thrilled to share my curated list of “6 Christmas Gifts Your Kids Will Love.”

These are not just ordinary presents; they’re a blend of imagination, education, and pure delight that have passed the ultimate test in my household.

Let’s unwrap the magic together as I share our favorite Christmas gift, signed, a mom who knows the joy of seeing her kids’ eyes light up on Christmas morning.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Our Favorite Toys Over the Years

There are a few factors that most of our favorite Christmas gifts have in common…

  1. They can play independently with the toy
  2. They can use their imagination with the toy
  3. The toy can be used in more than one way

#1: The Nugget Couch

First up is our nugget couch! This is one of my most recommend “toys” when I talk to other parents.

I bought our first nugget, in the Koala color (pictured above), in 2019 as a birthday gift for my first born. I had read that it could be used to climb on, build , as a couch when not in play. This sounded fantastic because he was/is high energy and I knew an “toy” that had multiple uses but that also could get energy out would be a home run. Our Nugget was getting so much playtime that I decided to add a second one as a Christmas gift in 2020.

I truly believe our nugget couches are one of our best investments in terms of toys. In 2022 when we moved to New Jersey, we found ourselves stuck inside for the long winters, and I found 2 more nuggets on Facebook marketplace and brought them home to expand our playroom and ability to build.

The kids are now 2, 4, 5 and 7 and the nuggets are constantly changing between forts, ninja courses, and couches in our basement playroom.

If you can find a Nugget on FB Marketplace at a great deal, snag one! If not, you can find them on their website HERE and trust me, they’re worth the price. Our nugget from 2019 is still going strong 4 years later.

#2: Tonie Box

If you haven’t heard of a Tonie box, you’ve been missing out! These small portable boxes are fantastic.

A Tonie box is an audio player designed specifically for kids. Each Tonie character which is purchased separately comes with their own stories and music. The beauty of the Tonie box is that it is a great screen free activity and can be used independently.

I was originally hesitant to purchase one because of the price but now that we’ve had them for over a year I can’t recommend them enough. The Tonie website says they are designed for kids 3+ but honestly my 2 year old loves playing with it just as much as my 5 year old. I think technically they have to say 3 years-old because the characters are smaller and maybe they’re concerned about the potential choking hazard but this has never been an issue in our house.

My 2-year-old is obsessed with the Paw Patrol collection and I’ll find him randomly playing in his room, listening to the stories and songs. My 4-year-old enjoys her Disney princess collection during quiet time and my 5-year-old likes to listen to her music on it while doing art projects.

You can also purchase a Tonie Creative which allows you to add content to yourself. This is perfect for relatives to record themselves reading a story or singing a song for your child to listen to any time they want.

*This is my pitch if you’re military, grab a Creative Tonie and let your military member record a book, story, or even a little note, before they deploy so you child can still hear their voice even when they’re gone.

You can find the Tonie box HERE ON AMAZON or HERE ON TARGET. They have been running several sales recently but if you are military, or a teacher, and there are no current sales, you can shop their website directly and receive a 20% discount.

#3: Micro Mini Scooter

The Micro Mini Scooter is a huge family favorite. I remember when someone had mentioned a scooter to me as a Christmas gift idea and I brushed it off. I didn’t think a scooter would be something the kids would enjoy. Oh boy how wrong I was. Our scooters have receive so much play time over the years.

The Micro Mini Scooter is perfect for those little ones, my 2 year-old can easily ride it. I actually bought his around 18 months and it only took about a week for him to master. The Micro brand also has a Micro kickboard Maxi that is perfect for our older, taller, kids, and my 7 year-old has one.

We’ve tried the 2-wheel scooters and the kids will ride them but the Micro Mini’s are a 3-wheeled and much easier to balance on. I’d highly recommend doing the Micro Mini 3-wheel over a 2-wheeled scooter in a heartbeat, especially for the younger kids.

#4: Subscription Boxes

One of my favorite gifts for the kids are subscription boxes! We’ve used a variety of subscription boxes over the years. I always try to focus on sensory based subscription boxes or educational activities.

A few of the subscriptions we’ve tried:

  1. Kiwi Co.: This box is a monthly subscription box based on age. They start a birth and go up from there. All four of my kids enjoy the Kiwi Co. boxes. I love that they’re educational and fun. I will note, if you use these for your younger children, this is something you will have to do with them. My oldest, 7 is able to complete most of his box himself but my 5 year old still needs adult help.
  2. Lovevery: This was one of my first experiences with a subscription box and let me say, they set the bar high! I started our Lovevery subscription when my little was a newborn and loved how the toys were all developmentally appropriate and engaging. Some of our favorite toys have been the Lovevery brand.
  3. Young + Wild Friedman: If you have littles, the Young + Wild Friedman sensory play-doh boxes are a hit. Julie crafts her boxes with care and they’re always such a fun surprise each month. This subscription box is on my list this year for my younger two. I’m debating getting it for my older two as well because they still enjoy play-doh at ages 5 and 7.
  4. Literati Book Club: I’ve always been a huge fan of family reading and the Literati Book Club makes it so much fun. Each month they curate a box of books specifically for your child(ren’s) age and mail it to your doorstep. Some of my favorite books to read to the children have been from our Literati subscription. I love that the books we’ve received aren’t books I’ve traditionally seen in our local stores. The kids always look forward to our new books too!

#5: Art Supplies

Every year, one of the gifts I always focus on is arts and crafts. I truly believe arts & crafts are so important for the imagination and those budding little brains. I try to keep our house stocked with a variety of arts and craft supplies.

You can do something as simple as construction paper and crayons/markers or something more elaborate like painting easels. Our favorite easels pictured above, were found at IKEA. One side is a chalk board, the other a white board, and a spot for paper to allow you to paint.

This year, I’ve already bought a diamond art kit for my oldest girl because she loves art just as much as I do. I’ve debated a pottery wheel because I think she’d love it but haven’t fully decided.

#6: The Best Christmas Gift

Although all the gifts listed above are some of our favorites in our household, the best gift you can give your children will always be your love and time.

Most often I find that although my kids love their toys, they love quality time more.

I’m trying to do better to carve out quality time for each of them independently during the week. I urge you to do the same this holiday season and watch how it makes their day.

You can do this by joining them in one of their favorite activities, for my oldest it’s completing Legos together, or you can let them join you in your activities, such as letting them help you cook dinner together.

Our children thrive when we provide them with love and attention.

Don’t feel the pressure of society to fill your house with toys that will soon be forgotten. Choose your toys wisely and put your time and energy into things that could really use it.

I bet in 10 years, our children won’t remember what toy they receive but they will remember the time we spent together. ❤️

Have you Tried these Christmas Gifts?

If you’ve tried any of these, let us know below in the comments and share your experience. If there’s a gift you swear by and love also share it with us and maybe I’ll even add it to the list!

Until Next Time….

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing Christmas decor and recipes soon.

If you’re looking for a delicious winter dessert bread, I highly recommend this Cranberry Orange Bread.

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