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Quick & Easy DIY Coat Rack

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Tired of the constant battle with your kids’ coat cluttering the entryway? Dive into this DIY project, where I guide you through creating a simple and stylish DIY Coat Rack – the perfect solution for a tidy and welcoming home entrance.

Entryway Dilema

Every day in the winter months as we are greeted home by our entryway, my kids happily toss their coats all over the floor and take off to go play. I mean I can’t blame them, our entryway is tiny.

There is such little space, it’s about a 4ftx3ft, and the so called “coat closet” is lacking in a variety of ways. There’s a makeshift shoe rack that is essentially too tiny to hold shoes and interferes with where the coats are supposed to go. The kid’s couldn’t reach to hang up their coats even if they tried.

Needless to say, with winter in full force and winter coats needing to be worn daily, I’m tired of tripping over coats everyday. I was on a mission to find the perfect solution for both the kids and myself.

After brainstorming a variety of options I knew my solution needed to be…

  1. Budget-friendly
  2. Rental-friendly

I have tried a variety of solutions before but none of them worked long terms.

I had used a wall mounted count rack with command strips before and an accordion hook rack but the weight of the one wall mounted rack and 4 coats didn’t hold up and both of these constantly fell off the wall..

Which got to me thinking…

What could I use that would still be renter friendly but stay on the wall.. Of course, I set out to find a solution that would work for us but also be budget friendly.

DIY Kid’s Coat Rack

After countless hours on the internet and trying to find a budget friendly and rental friendly option coat rack. I finally settled on a singular coat hook for each child mounted with command strips.

I figured that the weight of one coat wouldn’t surpass the weight limit of the command strips because the medium set has a maximum weight of 12 lbs and I know my kids coats wouldn’t come close to 12 lbs.

Although I made this DIY coat rack project was for my kids, it can be used for adults as well.

Ready to make your own easy diy coat rack with simple steps?

Kid’s Coat Rack Materials

  1. Wood Hooks
  2. Medium Command Strips
  3. Measuring Tape
  4. Level
  5. Pencil

You can find all the materials linked here for your convenience. All you need are wood hooks, command strips, and a few basic tools.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Buy Your Supplies for your coat rack.

After many failed attempts at a singular wall mount with multiple hooks a coat rack with multiple hooks that kept falling off the wall I knew I needed a different solution. These individual hooks were an easy choice, not only are they budget friendly but I can add as many hooks as I needed.

I wanted one hook for each child and bought 4. You can add more, or less, hooks depending on your families needs.

You can find all the supplies listed here for your DIY coat rack.

**When I was getting supplies, my store only had 2 packs of medium command strips. I bought 2 of the large and two medium. I was able to easily cut the large command hooks to fit the hooks but the mediums fit the back perfectly without needing to adjust their size. Each hooks uses 4 medium sets to cover the entire back.

Step 2: Decide on a location for your hooks.

The location I picked for our coat hooks was quite obvious in our house, and honestly the perfect place, right at the entryway. My hopes were that the kids would hang their coats when they walked through the door rather than tossing the on the floor.

You may have another location in mind. If you are using the coat hooks for kids, I do suggest that you try to put it near the doorway to keep it simple for them.

Step 3: Decide on the height & distance apart for your hooks.

Once you have decided on a location, it’s time to start measuring.

My hooks were 4 inches apart which felt like a good distance

Distance Between Each Hook: I picked 4 inches between each hook but holding two coats up side by side. I wanted them to be close to each other but didn’t want them touching and this is the distance I ended up with.

If you’re hanging adult coats you may want to use a larger distance apart.

Height of Hooks: My hooks were 48 inches above the ground. I decided on this height by holding up my eldest son’s jacket (size kids medium) to see how far off the ground it needed to be.

Again, if you have a smaller or larger coat, you may choose a different height for your hooks.

Step 4: Place Hooks.

Once you’ve decided the place, height, and distance it’s time to hang up your coat hooks.

I started off placing my hooks by:

  1. Deciding where I wanted my first hook & marked it on the wall with my pencil. This way I could erase it after my hook was place.
  2. Put your command strips together and place them on the back of your hook.
  3. Place your hook on the line you drew but not against the wall yet.
  4. Use your level and make sure your hook is level before firmly pressing your hook against the wall.
  5. Once your hook is placed, use a tape measure to measure the distance you’d like between your hooks.
  6. Then you’ll use a level to draw a straight & level line for your next hook.

Now you’re ready to repeat steps 1-6 for each addition hook.

diy kids coat rack

2 Month Update:

Our coat hooks have officially been on our wall near the front door for two months. The younger kids occasionally need a reminder to hang their hooks but our entry way feels more organized and less cluttered with the hooks off the floor.

The command strips have been working great and none of the hooks have fell off the wall.

Keep in Touch!

Let me know below in the comments if you have tried this method and how it worked out for you!

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