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Easiest Way to Hang a Balloon Garland on Your Wall

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The first time I tried to hang a balloon garland, well let’s just say…. it wasn’t pretty. I honestly think the hardest part of a diy balloon garland is hanging it and getting it to stay without damaging your walls.

How to Hang a Balloon Garland

I had no clue what I was doing the first time tried to hang a balloon garland in 2019. I had seen pictures on Pinterest and I’m one of those people that if I get a creative idea and I just run with it, without too much planning until I’m knee deep in the project, this one was no different.

Several years later and a handful balloon garlands later, I feel like I’ve basically mastered how to hang those gorgeous balloon garlands while making sure they’ll stay hanging for the duration of time you need them without damaging your walls.

How to Hang a Balloon Garland Tutorial

My hope is that my tutorial will save you the frustrations I experiences my first time hanging a diy balloon garland and instead make it an easy and fun process.

Materials Needed to Hang a Balloon Garland

  1. A Balloon Garland
  2. Command Hooks
  3. Fishing Line

Balloon Garland

These can be created with a premade kit or on your own.

You can find my step-by-step tutorial “DIY Easy Balloon Garland Tutorial” if you need a little help in that area.

Command Hooks

I like these clear medium wire hooks because they blend in and aren’t as noticeable and they also hold up 2 lbs. However, if you’re planning to hang your balloon garland on an exterior wall, you’ll want to get an outdoor command hook.

Fishing Line

I prefer fishing string because it’s clear and is easily hidden. You can however use any string you have available or balloon ribbon.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Hanging a Balloon Garland on Your Wall

Step 1:

Assemble your balloon garland by attaching balloons onto the balloon strips.

*Save yourself time and buy an electric balloon pump to blow up the balloons faster.

The balloon strip is a clear plastic strip with small holes to insert the balloon.

*There is debate about whether you should hang your strip first which would allow you to see where you are placing your balloons but I prefer to make my garland first and then hang it. The reason behind this is because my garlands are hung up high and trying to attach balloons above my head can be quite difficult.

Step 2:

Next you’ll be deciding where you want to hang your garland. I always hang mine in the threshold that separates our living room and kitchen (pictured below). It’s nice because we can see it all day and enjoy it.

In our old house, I actually attached our balloon garlands down our staircase railing (pictured below).

Frozen balloon garland on staircase.

**If you are opting for a balloon garland on a staircases you can easily use zipties to keep it secured.

Step 3:

Now that you’ve decided on a place on your wall to hang your balloon garland. It’s time to put up your command hooks. If you are hanging over a large space, I recommend at least 3-4 command hooks. This allows for one on each side and one (or two) to support the middle. The more command hooks you use the more stability you’ll have for your balloon garland.

Step 4:

Attach the command hooks. If you’ve never use command hooks before, they’re very simple. I prefer using command hooks because you can easily hang them on a wall without damaging the paint.

Step 5:

You have two options here for attaching your balloon garland to your command hooks.

  1. Attach garland directly to command hook.
  2. Attach garland to command hook with fishing string.

Option 1: If you are attaching your garland directly to the command hook, as pictured, the easiest way to do this is to take a balloon off of the hole you plan to use and place the metal hanger directly onto the command hook.

Attach garland directly to command hook.

Option 2: If you decide to use fishing line which is what I tend to do, you can tie the fishing line directly into one of the garland holes. This ensure that your garland won’t shift or move on the command hook. By using fishing line, you’re also able to droop the garland should you wish and make it look as if it is floating. You can adjust the height of your garland by using more or less fishing string.

Attach garland directly to command hook.
Step 6:

Adding in the magic. Once your garland is up, you can add in extras to make it magical. I usually add a Happy Birthday sign, tulle, or extra balloons to fit the party theme.

**If you’re adding extra balloons you’ll also want to buy these balloon sticky dots.

Where to Find My Recommended Items

You can find all the items I recommend for a balloon garland on my Amazon Storefront!

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