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Weekly Favorites: Week 1, 2024

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My Favorite Things This Week

I hope you had a great New Year and have all your goals lined up for the year.

I’m working on vamping up the blog this year and bringing you more content you love. First up, I’ll be starting a new series, “My Weekly Favorites” to share with you each week and every week.

These posts will be short and sweet with a roundup of all my favorite things for the week (with links included), in case you want to grab some of them for yourself.

So let’s get started with my favorites items for the first week of January 2024!

My Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites - Tandra Nicole
  1. Ear Warmer Headband
  2. Magnetic Knife Block & Cutco Knives
  3. Instax Polaroid Printer
  4. Calligraphy Essentials
  5. IT CC Nude Glow Lightweight Foundation
  6. Game Board Organizers
  7. Stanley Cup

Ear Warmer Headband

Winter Headband

As the weather has been getting colder this month I decided I should probably find something to keep my ears warm. I usually have my hair up in a messy bun (mom life) so I knew a traditional cute beanie wouldn’t be the right fit. I found the cutest set of four headbands. They’re perfect for coordinating with your outfits this winter! I’ve tested them and they are warm and cozy!

Magnetic Knife Block & Cutco Knives

Magnetic knife block and Cutco knives.

One of my goals for the new year is to get more organized before we move to help make it a smoother transition. I have had my knives in a plastic bin in a cabinet for years. Over the holidays I ended up with 6 new Cutco knives and decided it was time to upgrade my knife organization. This magnetic knife block is not only aesthetically pleasing but it’s a much safer option for storing my knives than a plastic bin. Also, these Cutco knives are beautiful!

Instax Polaroid Printer

Instax Polaroid Printer

As some of you know I’m working on a year long photography project. I wanted to be able to print out my photos weekly and couldn’t resist the vintage feel of this Instax Polaroid printer. The best part, it bluetooths with your phone and you can print any image off your phone!

Calligraphy Essentials

Calligraphy Essentials

Another one of my new year’s goals is to learn calligraphy. I’ve wanted to learn for years. Last year I tried doing some worksheets on my iPad and it’s just not the same. This year I picked up a calligraphy book and some beautiful pens to start practicing with.

IT CC Nude Glow Lightweight Foundation

CC IT Nude Glow Lightweight Foundation

In the winter I much prefer a lighter foundation over a thick full coverage foundation. The IT CC Nude Glow is just a smooth and lightweight foundation. Even better it has SPF 40 which we could all use in our lives.

Game Board Organization

Board game organizers

If your family is like ours and enjoys a good game night, you’ll want to check out these zip bags to store your games in. Our boxes take up so much space and they fall apart easily. Since we are moving this year, I wanted to make sure all our games made it to our new house without losing any essential pieces. I think this organization system will be perfect! I’ve bought large bags to hold the boards and then smaller bags to store the little pieces you can see pictured above. Then I cut out the game board title and taped it onto the bags.

Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup

If you’re like me, drinking water during the day doesn’t happen unless you have a cute cup. I have seen all the Stanley rage but honestly never paid much attention to it. When I grabbed this cup for myself, I didn’t even realize it was a Stanley until I got it home. I just loved the neutral color of it and couldn’t pass it up.

Where to Find my Favorites

You can click any of the images above and be taken directly to my Amazon Storefront to shop the items or you can click HERE and find my favorites all in one spot.

Favorite From the Kitchen

Chicken and Dumplings

You know I can’t leave out one of my favorite kitchen finds! This week we had the tastiest Chicken and Dumplings for dinner. This is one of those perfect cold winter day comfort foods. I frequently had made chicken and dumplings the quick and easy way with a can of biscuits but trust me, this recipe is worth the extra effort. These are some of the fluffiest (and best) dumplings I’ve ever made. My kids said they gave the meal and infinity out of infinity. I think that means they loved it.

Keep in Touch!

I’m so excited to start this weekly blog share with you. I always find my favorite products from other people and know how beneficial it can be. If there are ever specific items you’re looking for let me know! I’m always happy to help in any way I can.

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